Godric's Hollow - Quotes From the Harry Potter Books

Below I have added some of my favourite quotes from the Harry Potter series.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (1997)

Hagrid and Harry

'Harry - yer a wizard.'
'I'm a what?' gasped Harry

Ollivanders (Makers of fine Wands since 382BC)

Mr Ollivander fixed Harry with his pale stare.
'I remember every wand I've ever sold, Mr Potter. Every single wand. It so happens that the phoenix whose tail feather is in your wand, gave another feather - just one other. It is very curious indeed that you should be destined for this wand when its brother - why, its brother gave you that scar.'
Harry swallowed.

The Mirror of Erised - Harry and Professor Dumbledore

'What do you see when you look in the Mirror?'
'I? I see myself holding a pair of thick, woollen socks.'
Harry stared.
'One can never have enough socks.' said Dumbledore. 'Another Christmas has come and gone and I didn't get a single pair. People will insist on giving me books.'

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (1998)


'Oh no, sir, no ... Dobby will have to punish himself most grievously for coming to see you, sir. Dobby will have to shut his ears in the oven door for this. If they ever knew, sir-'


'Hearing voices no one else can hear isn't a good sign, even in the wizarding world.'

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (1999)


A loud snap made them all jump. Professor Lupin was breaking an enormous slab of chocolate into pieces.
'Here, ' he said to Harry, handing him a particularly large piece.
'Eat it. It'll help.'


He took out his wand, touched the parchment lightly and said,
'I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.'

Sirius Black


Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (2000)

Percy and Harry

'What are you working on?' said Harry
'A report for the Department of International Magical Co-operation,' said Percy smugly. 'We're trying to standardise cauldron thickness. Some of these foreign imports are just a shade too thin - leakages have been increasing at a rate of almost three per cent a year -'


'At these times,' said Dunbledore, indicating the stone basin, "I use the Pensieve. One simply siphons the excess thoughts from one's mind, pours them into the basin, and examines them at one's leisure.
It becomes easier to spot patterns and links, you understand, when they are in this form.'

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (2003)

Dumbledore to Fudge

'I must have missed it,' said Dumbledore cheerfully. 'However, due to a lucky mistake I arrived at the Ministry three hours early, so no harm done.'

About Fred and George's flight

Harry fequently heard students saying things like, 'Honestly, some days I just feel like jumping on my broom and leaving this place,' or else, 'One more lesson like that and I might just do a Weasley.'

Phineas Nigellus

'You know, Minister, I disagree with Dumbledore on many counts ... but you cannot deny he's got style ...'

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (2005)

Dumbledore to Harry

'Spoken both like your mother and father's son and Sirius's true godson!' said Dumbledore, with an approving pat on Harry's back. 'I'd take my hat off to you - or I would, if I were not afraid of showering you with spiders.'

Luna to Harry at Slughorn's party

I don't think you should be an Auror, Harry. ' said Luna unexpectedly. Everybody looked at her. 'The Aurors are part of the Rotfang Conspiracy, I thought everyone knew that. They're working from within to bring down the Ministry of Magic using a combination of Dark magic and gum disease.'
Harry inhaled half his mead up his nose as he started to laugh. Really, it had been worth bringing Luna just for this.


Snape raised his wand and pointed it directly at Dumbledore.
'Avada Kedavra!'

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (2007)

Dudley to Harry

'I don't think you're a waste of space.'
If Harry had not seen Dudley's lips move, he might not have believed it ...
'Well ... er ... thanks, Dudley.'

Ron to Harry about Dumbledore

'I dunno,' said Ron. Sometimes I've thought, when I've been a bit hacked off, he was having a laugh or - or he just wanted to make it more difficult. But I don't think so, not any more. He knew what he was doing when he gave me the Deluminator, didn't he? He - well.' Ron's ears turned bright red and he became engrossed in a tuft of grass at his feet, which he prodded with his toe, 'he must've known I'd run out on you.'
'No,' Harry corrected him. 'He must've known you'd want to come back.'

Kings Cross

'Tell me one last thing,' said Harry. 'Is this real? Or has this been happening inside my head?'
Dumbledore beamed at him, and his voice sounded loud and strong in Harry's ears even though the bright mist was descending again, obscuring his figure.
'Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?'

Harry to Voldemort

'It's your one last chance,' said Harry, 'it's all you've got left ... I've seen what you'll be otherwise ... be a man ... try ... try for some remorse ...'
'You dare - ?' said Voldemort again.
'Yes, I dare,' said Harry, 'because Dumbledore's last plan hasn't backfired on me at all. It's backfired on you, Riddle.'

Voldemort and Harry

'But what does it matter?' he said softly, 'Even if you are right, Potter, it makes no difference to you and me. You no longer have the phoenix wand: we duel on skill alone ... and after I have killed you, I can attend to Draco Malfoy ...'
'But you're too late,' said Harry. 'You've missed your chance. I got there first. I overpowered Draco weeks ago. I took the wand from him.'
Harry twitched the hawthorn wand, and he felt the eyes of everyone in the Hall upon it.
'So it all comes down to this, doesn't it?' whispered Harry.
'Does the wand in your hand know its last master was Disarmed?
Because if it does ... I am the true master of the Elder Wand.'

Harry to his son

Albus Severus,' Harry said quietly, so nobody but Ginny could hear, and she was tactful enough to pretend to be waving to Rose, who was now on the train, 'you were named for two headmasters of Hogwarts. One of them was a Slytherin and he was probably the bravest man I ever knew.'

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